イラスト&ペット肖像画の申し込み/About ordering image&pets portrate

★ペットの肖像画(ポートレート)についてはこちらをご覧ください/About custom pet portrait, please see here.


イラストの注文方法/How to order a image

/Please send an e-mail with the contents you want to order (“Border Collie sitting, from the front” etc.) and a screenshot of the desired drawing style.

★参考価格/reference price★

 if need exclusivity…about ¥2,000 per 1 animal
 if do not need exclusivity…about ¥500 as a bundle(6~12 animals)

★独占を希望しない場合は、私のオンラインショップでの通常販売となります。詳しくはこちらをご覧ください/If you don’t need exclusivity, I will sell it on my online store as a general product. For details, please see here.

/Please contact me for the price (It may change depending on the complexity of the design and the number of requests).
★既存のデザインの修正も応相談/ Modifying existing designs also negotiable.
★参考資料をお願いする場合があります。/Reference materials may be asked.

1.注文内容の確認+お見積もり(無料)2.サンプル制作(無料、3回まで修正無料)3.サンプルが気に入れば正式な受注 4.納品&支払い

● Basic order flow
1.Confirm order contents & Estimate(free) 2. Submit sample(free, free modification up to 3 times) 3.If the sample get OK, prepare to deliver(as a official order) 4. Delivery & payment request

+修正 1回につき¥500~/ correction¥500~/per 1 time
  (修正は3回までは無料です/corrections are free up to 3 times)
+商用ライセンス(200個以上販売する場合)1ファイルにつき¥2000~ /commercial licence(to sell over 200 products) ¥2000~/per 1 file
★独占つき注文製作の場合は不要/Commercial license is not required when you order exclusive items.
/ Except for complete original production by requesting, I can not sell or transfer the copyright of the product (The fee of pet portrait already contains the copyright fee). However, the design you purchased exclusively will not be commercialized thereafter.

注文したイラストの独占にこだわらない時/If you do not need exclusivity of your ordered image

/Your ordered image will be listed at my shop in Etsy(other customers can buy it too). You can buy your image as usual customer. If there is discount sale, the image get discounted too.
/The price will be the same as other comparable products in the shop (a set of 10~12 animals about 500 yen, 12~20 about 600 yen).

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ペットの肖像画作成について/About custom pet portrait

/Based on your photos, will draw front-bust up(or only face) portrait .
/Provided in set of SVG file (editable with Adobe Illustrator or free software Inkscape, etc) and PNG file (high resolution (300 dpi) / transparent background).

・顔の模様や特徴を知るため、2枚以上の正面向きの写真をご用意ください/To know his/her face markings well, please give me at least 2 front view face photos.
・もし仕上がりにご希望があればお伝えください(写真では耳の先が切れているが、肖像では切れていないように描いてほしい、目はもっとパッチリ描いてほしい等)/Let me know if you have any wishes for the finish (I want you to draw so that the ears are cut off in the photo, but not in the portrait, or, draw the eyes more clearly, etc)
/A sample will be sent as soon as it is drawn, so please check. If there is no problem, I will deliver it by e-mail to the specified address. Please make payment from PayPal link in The e-mail.

 ★reference price of custom portrait…about ¥5,000

(上記写真の猫は、私の愛猫だった”たま”です。彼女は猫エイズによる悪性貧血で9歳で世を去りました。あなたの愛猫が急に偏食を起こしたり、コンクリートを舐めだしたりしたら、早急に獣医に連れて行ってください!/The cat in the picture above is “Tama”, my beloved cat. She past away at the age of 9 due to pernicious anemia caused by the FIV. If your cat suddenly becomes a picky eater or begins licking concrete, take her immediately to a vet!)

ポートレート例/Portrait examples

・お申込みはメールもしくはEtsyのオーダーメイド依頼ボタンからどうぞ/You can order by email or using message system at Etsy.

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